DONNY GILBERT, Music Director and Conductor
GEORGE DYE, Associate Music Director and Conductor
SUSIE BEAN, Concertmaster


WE INVITE PEOPLE OF ALL AGES TO EXPLORE AND SHARE THE EMOTION AND EXPRESSIVENESS OF SYMPHONIC MUSIC. We do this by preserving the orchestral and musical arts through education and training of performers of all ages.

PROVIDING PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES for musicians, composers, conductors and others, allowing them to share and develop their talents. Collaborating with local choirs, guest performers and other musical organizations, thus promoting a cooperative relationship within the musical community.

PARTNERING WITH LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY COLLEGES to increase awareness of the benefits rising from music education. Encourage participation of students by providing opportunities for them to perform with the orchestra.

PROMOTING MUSIC APPRECIATION through the performance of a variety of music. Cultivating a new generation of symphony lovers and subscribers, thus expanding community knowledge of and support for the West Valley Symphony.