personnel DONNY GILBERT, Music Director and Conductor
GEORGE DYE, Associate Music Director and Conductor
KELLY RICHARDSON, Acting Concertmaster
First NameLast NameInstrumentPosition
Donny Gilbert Conductor Music Director
George Dye Associate Conductor, Trumpet Associate Music Director
Kelly Richardson Violin Acting Concertmaster
Susie Bean Violin Associate Concertmistress
Sadie Fjelstrom Violin Principal Second Violin
Joanne Koehler Violin Associate Principal Second Violin
Jeff Hood Violin
Stacy Given Violin
Karyl Iverson Violin
Susan Roundy Violin
Noel McBride Violin
Natalie Rausch Violin
Brice Roundy Violin
Linda Cole Violin
Chelsie Anderson Violin
Amy Winder Violin
Tara Cutler Violin
Kim Antry Violin
Amy Ryan Violin
Ashley Gallagher Viola Principal
Sarah Stratton Viola
Makayla Castro-Kimball Viola
Jessica Grant Viola
Anna Rasmussen Viola
Kylan Gardiner Viola
Susan Brady Viola
Victor Ruiz Viola
Shelly Riley Viola
Eric Kartchner Cello Principal
Jake Garrard Cello
Jessica Gordon Cello
Arianna Pickard Cello
Camilla Nash Cello
Cindy Aguirre Cello
Chantelle Ray Cello
Jessica Gilbert Cello
Aubre McQueen Cello
Boyd Petrie Cello
Jeff Cardon Bass
Mike Farrell Bass
Klint Gardiner Bass
Gabe Jorgensen Bass
Manny Slack Bass
Christian Cardon Bass
Mary Thompson Flute, Piccolo Principal
Biles Deanna Flute
Jill Hughes Flute, Piccolo
Haehyun Jung Oboe
Yolane Rodriguez Oboe
Linda Conger Oboe, English Horn
Lewis Wong Piano
Brian Christian Clarinet Principal
John McDaniel Clarinet
Wes Chapman Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Carlos Cardon Bassoon Principal
Devany Niederhauser Bassoon
Kristi Christian Bassoon
Jacob Bramble Bassoon, Contrabassoon
Kirk Eide Horn Principal
Tyler Kidd Horn
Kristen Naylor Horn
Eric Eide Horn
Paul Brown Trumpet Principal
Nathan Bean Trumpet
Melanie Cox Trumpet
Annette Brady Trumpet
Randy Cox Trombone Principal
Leah Son Trombone
Devynn Bullock Trombone
Daniel Furniss Tuba
John Robison Percussion Principal
Jonathan Barker Percussion
Domenic Callor Percussion
Saundra Baker Percussion
Samantha Goodman Percussion, Keyboards
Kelly Killpack Percussion
Sterling Poulson Chairman of the Board